School Foreign Volunteers

Our international links are very important to us. To date, we have had 5 British and Australian teachers at LHPS on long tenure. Many more visit the campus for academic and research purposes on an ongoing basis. This gives both the students and the volunteers opportunity for mutual interaction and learning.

Among the current list of foreign volunteers at campus:

LHPS is a unique and beautiful community which is difficult to describe in words. The feelings we experience when visiting are that of community spirit and joyfulness.

The school motto ‘Lawrence Onwards’ is the perfect way to describe the atmosphere at the school. It is a place which always seems to be buzzing with excitement and a sense of progression, moving forward towards a shared goal and getting there together!

Lisa and Jamie

I first visited LHPS in 2010 to teach music and piano. I found the trip to be life-changing and was amazed by the beautiful campus, motivated students and the overall atmosphere of the school. I have been several times to visit the school as a friend and to assist with projects. I can safely say that any child would be lucky to attend this school and the pride of its alumni- many of whom are friends of mine – says everything.

Ed Lea

It is a privilege to be part of the strong UK team supporting LHPIC. Since volunteering in 2017 I am proud to be associated with the excellent work the Singh family do in providing the best, ethical education in UP. 

Supported by loyal and hard working teachers, the school continues to give a rounded, thorough education with the core values of LHPIC. These values are instilled in teachers and pupils alike and mark them out as exceptional individuals.

The School’s sense of ‘family’ and ‘belonging’ cannot be underestimated and is unique to the area.

Harriet Carrow