Rules and regulations for students

  1. I shall come to school before 10 minutes of school timing.
  2. I shall present in the class room before the teacher arrives.
  3. I shall come to school in proper neat and clean uniform.
  4. I shall never disturb to the teacher. If I do, I shall accept the proceeding, done by the school.
  5. I shall be present in the school, with at least 80% of attendance to appear in the exams.
  6. I shall always Keep my class clean and use rubbish bin.
  7. I shall never be absent without prior information to my class- teacher.
  8. I shall respect all the teachers and other staff members of the school.
  9. I shall never disobey the teacher.
  10. I shall not use or break the school’s property without authority’s permission.
  11. I shall behave friendly with my school mates and shall speak in English or proper Hindi.
  12. I shall never fight with anyone inside or outside the school, in school’s uniform. If I do, I shall accept the proceedings, done by the school.
  13. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school campus.
  14. I shall completely follow all the rules and regulations of the school. If I don’t, I shall accept every kind of proceedings / punishments.
  15. In the beginning of session, I must come with the new set of books, copies and stationary.
  16. I must keep school diary and identity Card everyday to the school If there is any notice, my parents will sign it and follow it.
  17. For Pre-Primary –Parents Must write the name and class and mobile no. address on all the books & copies, Tiffin and the water bottle.
  18. In the middle of the session, if the cover of books and copies tear up, must maintain it atonce.