Why donate?

Many pupils rely on sponsorship to be able to attend the school. This is especially the case for girls, whose education is often beyond the finances of families who prefer to educate their sons.
Donations can truly change the lives of these children. In addition to this, we welcome donations towards the school itself, helping to expand the building and its resources.

How you can help

You may wish to sponsor an individual child, which can be right through the school from Nursery through the Senior School. The lives of many children in the local area have been changed in this way. Alternatively, donations can be put towards the development of the school’s infrastructure and resources. Examples include the building of our auditorium, equipping our new sports field and buying more computers.

Donations from outside India

We are currently in the process of setting up a UK charity to be able to receive donations. Please contact [Harriet’s email address] for more information.