Lawrence Homan Public School was built on the love, trust, imagination and hard work of those who founded it. The Supporters’ Board of LHPS believes that the baton is handed on from one generation to the next. In this way, we value and cherish the importance of these things: love for the community and people of BKT; trust between educators, students and guardians; and the power of what imagination and hard work can achieve. Importantly, these principles of love, trust, imagination and hard work are at the heart of the students’ experience, and we see the pride and happiness of “Lawrencians”, present and past, whenever we visit. We are immensely proud of what the school has achieved over the years to advance the education and welfare of young people in the area.

The Supporters’ Board are a group of trustees and friends of the school, many of whom started out as volunteers and have continued to communicate with and visit the school, raise money and provide resources, as well as assisting with exchange programmes with the UK.

Hugh Homan (Chairman)

To the students: Make the most of the opportunity that has been given to you to learn and don’t waste this time of your life. The younger you start, the more you retain, and a good basic education will be invaluable to you whether or not you go on to further education. It will open up the country, or even the world, to you. No-one can ever take away what you have in your head.

To the parents: Give your children all the support that you can. Make sure that they go to school regularly and do not allow them to play truant. Nourish them, love them and help them when they need it, making time to sit with them over their problems and encouraging them to look beyond the end of their noses.

Lyn Homan (Chairperson)

Lawrence Homan Public School was established in 1989 by Hugh Homan, Lakshmi Singh and Lyn Homan, becoming the first school in the local area. Since then it has grown and developed over years, producing proud alumni and attracting loyal visitors and friends from the United Kingdom.
A school is a place of learning, and our school is designed to ensure students are comfortable and happy so that this learning can happen. The school’s calm, natural and peaceful surroundings, away from the highway, provides an environment in which children can focus and learn; this is also helped by the light, airy and well ventilated rooms. For the same reason, we take care to make sure the furniture is age-appropriate and comfortable for students, and that stairways and corridors are accessible and not overcrowded. This means students can move around the school and go about their learning confidently and happily.
We employ well-educated, trained and experienced teachers who support the students in their learning. As well as teaching our students the Hindi and English medium curriculum, we also focus on moral education. “Discipline” is not simply about punishing bad behaviour, but about teaching children how to have a good moral outlook, valuing a devotion to truthfulness and integrity. Our proud alumni are people who care about, and contribute valuable things to, our society. By embarking on tours to different parts of India, and forging connections with international teachers and visitors, our students are able to see beyond the boundaries of the school walls, and have a wider, worldly view.
We have strong ties with our community, and most of our students are within 6-8km of the school; the neighbourhood is an important place for our students and the school is not only a place for their formal studies but also a place to celebrate festivals and mark important occasions. We welcome guardians openly every Saturday afternoon, and enjoy having the chance to connect with these members of our community.
Our school motto is Lawrence Onwards. This is because students’ time here is the beginning of their onward life journey. We exist to make their first steps positive and inspiring, so their lives can be happy and successful.

Sushma Singh (Director)

Three people bear basic responsibility of shaping the future of a nation mother, father and teacher. It is first and foremost duty of those, concerned to education to produce ideal citizens full of moral values. Students are the most useful and powerful resource to meet with their purpose as they are always curious to learn with positive energy and inspiration. Teachers can play the most imp. Role to provide them with proper guidance and motivation as they are trained and skilled in it. A teacher is fully trusted on by his students, guardians as well as the society and he / she does his / her best to meet the expectations and dutifulness. Teachers shower their blessings on their students in all circumstances.
Living life is an art but living a standard and a greater life is even better. An exemplary life is a specific life; a life which can reveal all the possibilities of a holistic development. Life is a compound of various substances such as culture, education, etiquettes, behavior, mother’s personality etc.True education is that which can build our life. Viewing the holistic development of life, to give the education a creative touch, it is necessary to impart some specific training along with the given syllabus Learning values of life, human relations, sentimental development and how to establish harmony between theory and practice, are some parts of this specific training.
A healthy and balanced personality equipped with educational excellence is the foundation of the progress of a nation.
May our fresh and sprouting talents achieve their desired goal by using modern and innovative techniques along with their characteristic traits and human values and thus became worthy citizens of their family, their society, their nation and ultimately the entire world. This is my humble and heartiest wish.

Hridyesh Kumar Singh (Manager)

We welcome you to Lawrence Homan Public Inter College. Lawrence Homan College takes pride in its aspirations and ideals for the refinement of young people through education. Our aim is to provide an internationally acceptable education. Among the things we value greatly are adherence to tradition, freedom of mind, respect for authority, care for those less advantaged, recognition of merit in different fields and the importance of gaining empowerment and identity through education.
Our key focus has been on faculty development providing continuous teacher training in order to deliver real value education and excellence in academics. We have talented, highly committed and supportive staff to create the best possible learning environment for our students.
Our college is also proud of its commitment to technology, primarily through computing and robotics. By using labs for each stream, we consider the innovative use of technology to be an important part of students’ education. College encourages students to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment, while at the same time offering support and guidance as they practice decision- making and social skills.Campus care, academic and co-curricular programs enable the students to attain their full potential to develop a positive work ethic.
Lawrence Homan Public Inter College is a vibrant learning community that encourages athree-way partnership between students, teachers & parents. Our school sets the stage forSuccess later in life & provides a lifetime memories for our students.
We see that not only do we want our students our students to feel safe & their parentsknow they are safe, we want all our teachers, students, parents & community to takepride in all we do each day.We strongly believe to provide our students with strong roots, like the Banyan tree, and stronger wings with which to conquer the world.

Manjari Singh (Principal)